Selling Information

Selling your property

Sometimes selling your home is one of the biggest decisions you can make & it can be an extremely daunting experience. This is why it’s important to appoint a professional real estate agency to represent your best interests. At Kawana Coast Realty, we are qualified to assist you from the beginning to the end and can provide you with an obligation free appraisal. We offer quality client service with our aim to make the process a smooth transition & stress free.

Should you be interested in selling your property and would like some assistance, the process involves you contacting our office and speaking to an available agent, who can make a convenient time to meet with you and inspect your property. From here, we would then advise a price range that reflects the current market & discuss with you the features & benefits in relation to the different methods of sale. We will suggest the most appropriate alternative, depending on your personal needs, however ensuring we effectively and efficiently sell the property.

Definition of listing options

Exclusive Listing
Your property is listed with one agent only for a maximum of a 60 day period. If the property is sold by another agency that is not in conjunction or sold privately (by yourself), the listing agent is entitled to commission. Successful marketing depends upon more than just the effective use of advertising. If you sign up your property exclusively, an integrated program will be designed for you, which includes an advanced marketing combination of advertising, promotion & personal service, a sign board will be erected to increase awareness, not only to the public but also to other local agencies, photographic window display, comprehensive letterbox drop within surrounding areas of your property, advertise your property on numerous property websites, advertise in a colour Coastal magazine & conduct open houses to generate not only interest, but constructive feedback.

Sole Listing
Listing your property solely, means your property is with only one agency for a set 60 day period, if you list the property as a sole agency & another agency who is not in conjunction, then you maybe liable to pay both the listing agent & the selling agent commission. However, if you sell the property privately by yourself, the listing agent is not entitled to the commission.

Open Listing
An open listing involves listing your property with numerous agencies. In the event you sell your property, the commission is paid to the agent who introduced the successful purchaser.

Activities to assist promote your property

Extensive client database

  • Enables us to qualify buyers for your property.

  • Open Houses:

  • Attracts a variety of prospective purchasers, increasing the number of buyers to visit your property

  • Provide constructive feedback from the inspection.

  • Brochures & flyers

  • This enables us to notify numerous people that your house is currently on the market.

  • Window display

  • This allows 24/7 exposure for your property.

  • Enable buyers to compare properties & prices

  • Draws attention to new prospective buyers whether they be local or from interstate

  • Experienced Team

  • All office staff can familiarise themselves with your property to ensure it receives the utmost coverage to all prospective buyers & local agencies, to ensure your property sells for the best price in the least amount of time. 
  • Keep you updated regularly re the progress of the sale of your property & provide positive and negative feedback to finalise a sale.