Renting Information

Property Management

When you list your property for rent, you can be assured you will receive the highest standard of service & advice from our experienced team. We are familiar with the present market conditions & believe it is very important to utilise the most up to date marketing tools to lease your property within the shortest period of time. Our aim is to maximise your income, minimise expenses & ensure the capital growth of your property relative to the local area. Such marketing tools to attract prospective tenants consist of colour window displays, availability list, local newspaper advertising, advertising your property on numerous property websites, referrals/word of mouth and lastly we have an enquiry register available in our office for tenants to register their details should a suitable property become accessible.

Kawana Coast Realty offers an extensive Property Management Package and gives you the essential information you need to know when leasing your property ie:

    <1>A Guarantee which outlines all of the services we provide while managing your
    investment property.
    <2>Summary of the Laws regarding discrimination in accommodation.
    <3>Suggestions to prepare your property for rental.
    <4>An application form given to potential tenants.
    <5>Landlord Insurance information. Preparing your property for rental
    First impressions are vital. They will assist to determine the rental a tenant is prepared to pay & the type of tenant who is attracted to your property.

    Some of the following suggestions could make all the difference:
    (1)Well presented paint work both inside & out (2)Maintained lawns & gardens
    (3)Window coverings must be in tidy & working conditions to provide privacy
    (4)Ensure fences/gates are in a working order

    Preparing for your tenant
    A property provided to a tenant in a good condition will assist in ensuring that it is left in a similar order at the end of the tenancy ( Except for fair wear and tear ). This also establishes a standard of care & cleanliness during a tenancy.

    (1)All rooms/fittings/appliances throughout should be in a sound working order, clean & tidy (2)Carpets to be professionally cleaned
    (3)Up to date pest control inspections conducted (4)Ensure smoke alarms are installed in accordance with current Legislation
    (5)Ensure an electrical safety switch is installed
    Whether you are looking at placing your investment property through an agency, looking for a rental property or require additional information in relation to our services/fees/charges, please do not hesitate to contact Geoff Batten or our Property Manager today. Our motto is We are the management team, you are the team captain, that is our guarantee!!